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Once, in a child's mind, a person was created. They were of neither gender, but didn't mind whatever they were called. In this person created by the child's mind grew a personality, and whether or not either of them are particularly fond of it, they've chosen to accept that this is just how it is to be.

The child's person learned of the literary world early and pursued it for a long while, rarely taking breaks from it. For years they read and read and after they read, they would read some more! They found many treasures, though the value differs for each beholder.

After years of reading, this imaginary person wondered the wonder of 'Perhaps I could try my hand at writing; maybe people would like to read whatever I create!' And so, they began. At first, they couldn't get the hold and understanding of creating places and people. So the person asked the child, 'How do you create a person?'

But they child did not answer, it could not answer. So the person created by it was left to try to come up with their own people and places.

Next they had the trouble of scenarios. Oh what would be an interesting and unused idea! The created person could think of nothing, so they quit that and found a place known as the internet. In this place, the person found that they were not alone with having trouble with writing! So they took the advice given and eventually became better.

But they were never satisfied, so they went to school to learn the things they hadn't. But now they're stuck in what's called 'high school' and unfortunately won't be able to get out for two years! However, they are still practicing their writing, and even dabbling in drawing!

They recognize that they still have a long way to go until they've reached where they want to be, but they're willing to put forth the effort to getting there.

The person created by a child's mind is very content and happy with how things are, even with some difficulties that have happened. But this is only the first few chapters of what they have planned.

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TV Shows:

Lady Rainicorn - Adventure Time
Ember - Danny Phantom
Wendy - Gravity Falls

<in progress>

I'm a very ambitious girl ^^;

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